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From sébastien Paturel <>
Subject Re: How to prepare Apache Flex 5 to run in the new AVM in Flashplayer 12?
Date Thu, 15 Nov 2012 20:37:30 GMT
ok for captive runtime.
but what AIR runtime we will embed? the new AIR runtime which has VMNext 
and old VM embeded?

I guess that Adobe has a mobile device strategy for games, do Adobe will 
use captive runtime for this as well?
All flex need to be sure of, is that it will be able to run on any new 
device that Adobe will support with their gaming strategy, even if flex 
still run on the old VM (even if it means using captive runtime).

for concrete example tomorrow Adobe run the next AIR version on windows 
mobile 8 (or any only mobile device new OS ) will we be able to do 
captive runtime with this new version to make flex run on this OS?

Knowing that current AIR mobile can run old AS2 was quite a reassurance 
for me.

The 4.1 DTS suround :p roadmap is not ultimatum, you'r right. Its "at 
least". It gives us enough time to create the brand new framework to 
take over.

"If Apache Flex is a major factor for Adobe's major customers, Adobe 
will take that into consideration."
Honestly i don't see how it can be a heavy point, as Adobe is now on 
HTML5 and games (and premium video), and they don't get any money with Flex.

Le 15/11/2012 20:49, Alex Harui a écrit :
> On 11/15/12 11:39 AM, "sébastien Paturel" <> wrote:
>> * The next versions of flash player and AIR will embed the new VM but
>> also the old ones, meaning that any new device (like windows 8)
>> supported by new AIR runtime will also support flex apps. I would be
>> glad to get a clear reassurance about this fact, but according to
>> Adobe's roadmap and other annoucements, it seems to be the case for at
>> least next 5 years.
> FlashPlayer and AIR for desktops will have all VMs in them, but I don't
> think it is guaranteed that devices will be getting new AIR runtimes, I
> believe that captive runtime is going to be way to target devices.
> And also, there is only about 4.1 years left on that roadmap promise of 5
> years.  But also note that there isn't some expiration date that Adobe is
> guaranteed to act on.  If Apache Flex is a major factor for Adobe's major
> customers, Adobe will take that into consideration.

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