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From Michael Schmalle <>
Subject Re: Falcon compiler(.tests) building
Date Sun, 18 Nov 2012 18:07:01 GMT
Hi Erik,

I don't remember that many problems but, I'm not on OSX either.

Running the compiler.tests you should only have 1 failed test being  
frameworkSWC() functional test (with warnings no errors), all other  
tests should pass as it stands.

- I did get the 'ANT_JAR' problem.

I would have to redo everything to see if I got any, my system is setup now.

> So, my environment seems to be set up. Now: how can I help?

Ha, this is a loaded question right now. It's really doing homework  
and getting an understanding of the definition framework and how MXML  

I would suggest starting with the ASC and MXMLC classes from the  
mainNoExit() static method and backtracking to see what is involved in  
the actual startup, config, parsing and rendering.


Quoting Erik de Bruin <>:

> Hi,
> I have followed the various instructions and was able to successfully
> build the Falcon compiler. Along the way I encountered several issues
> that are not yet documented (I'm on OS X 10.8):
> - I needed to edit the 'build.xml' file on line 50, to point the
> 'sdk.branch' property to the correct location of the SDK on my system;
> - when trying to use the mxmlc on a project, I got 'permission
> denied'. Setting the executable bit on the file corrected that;
> After that I was able to run from the command line and successfully
> build "", which ran fine in the standalone Flash debugger.
> So I proceed to get the projects 'compiler' and 'compiler.tests' to
> work in in Eclipse. After importing them, I get a 'problem' on each
> one:
> - on 'compiler', I got a message about 'ANT_JAR', which after I
> re-created that variable in the project build path and pointed it to
> 'ant.jar' on my system, went away;
> - on 'compiler.tests' I got "missing required library
> 'lib/junit-4.10.jar'". Editing the entry in the 'build path/Libraries'
> fixed that.
> I got 'build.xml' on 'compiler' working in Eclipse after adding:
> <property name="env.JFLEX_JAR"
> value="/usr/share/java/jflex-1.4.3/lib/JFlex.jar"/>
> Then I ran 'build.xml' on 'compiler.tests' and that completed, but
> with plenty of FAILED tests (which I guess is expected?).
> So, my environment seems to be set up. Now: how can I help?
> Note: I'm a noob on the topic of compilers, but I can copy-paste like
> a Boss, so I'm sure you can use me ;-) Point me to the code and put me
> to work!
> EdB
> --
> Ix Multimedia Software
> Jan Luykenstraat 27
> 3521 VB Utrecht
> T. 06-51952295
> I.

Michael Schmalle - Teoti Graphix, LLC

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