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From Michael Schmalle <>
Subject Re: How to prepare Apache Flex 5 to run in the new AVM in Flashplayer 12?
Date Thu, 15 Nov 2012 17:04:35 GMT
Well, I didn't say it but what you wrote is exactly what I would have  
said if I didn't already have my rant points for this week used up.

I wrote the previous to show I can be diplomatic. ;-)

If you search the 100's of rants from me in the archives, I have  
always been saying burn baby burn.

Sometimes the phoenix needs to rise from the ashes, there is no ashes  
yet to rise form.


Quoting Omar Gonzalez <>:

>> That being said, wouldn't it be advantageous to think about APIs that
>> could stand the test of major refactors and start migrating or add
>> extensions to the current code base that would give developers the option
>> to start moving towards the next framework?
>> I mean, a public API is just that, what goes on under the surface is for
>> the low level developers to think about and implement.
>> So you have Flex 5 that starts to really use this new API that maybe uses
>> some adapters to fit some popular components under the API while creating
>> more modular revisions at the same time.
>> I think some type of simultaneous refactor is possible giving the amount
>> of brains around here.
>> Mike
>> --
>> Michael Schmalle - Teoti Graphix, LLC
> While that may work, the differences so far described in AS4 and the new VM
> sound so fundamentally different from what we have in AS3/AVM2 that I don't
> actually believe this would be possible. Based on rumors not even Starling
> is compatible, and the display list will pretty much be gone.
> I think it would probably be a complete waste of time to do that, but of
> course I may be wrong.
> I think the only way forward is to start with a brand new unit test suite,
> and build a new version of the Flex framework from the ground up, the right
> way. Modular and unit tested, such that it can grow from a small baby to a
> full grown application framework as we know it today. Trying to shoehorn
> the current base so it could possibly take advantage of some features of a
> new VM seems like a waste of effort.
> That said, anyone here is free to do what they want really. If it turns out
> well it'll likely be voted into a release. :)
> -omar

Michael Schmalle - Teoti Graphix, LLC

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