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From "Frank Pepermans" <>
Subject Re: Flex possible evolutions
Date Mon, 22 Oct 2012 17:05:17 GMT
I can imagine a Flex-like framework on the GPU,

but what if you will need to fall back to the software renderer?
For enterprise apps, you run in offices, where rarely PCs are beefed up with 
good GPU specs. (let alone trying to update GPU driver horror scenarios for 
office people)

I've no clue on how powerful the software renderer is or will be, but I can 
imagine it could actually run slower if you need to render a complex 
FlexNext app, even slower than with today's AVM2 vector based display list?

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From: Michael Schmalle
Sent: Monday, October 22, 2012 1:41 PM
Subject: Re: Flex possible evolutions

I'm working on an audio framework that is Android native based where I
call OSC string messages through a AIR native extension.

Having a high performance ui framework based on the stage3D API is
exactly what I am looking for. Feathers framework is awesome but still
young and developed by ONE dev, Josh. I'm learning his framework so I
can help him out and at the same time get a prototype app on mobile
using his components.

All my controls, sequencers, menus everything could be done with what
the Flex framework has to offer but on stage3D.

See; [0] for an article and a screenshot of something made in AIR/Flex 

The ui runs ok(Flex), but if that was on stage3d, I can imagine what I
could do.

So you need to erase what you *think* the word "Gaming" means and
realize A a Flex like framework can totally be utilized in AVMNext.

Note; I have also made this same application in Java Android and I
will tell you, using a framework like flex is a lot easier to develop
something like what is pictured in that link (music instrument on

- [0]


Quoting Carlos Rovira <>:

> Games could be very complex and not all new game developments are tiny
> games for mobile, shoot'em ups, platforms or 3D arcades. There's as
> well graphic adventures, RPG's world based, sport managers (like you
> say), a mix of all... In definitive all what our imagination could
> bring to your screen and I think you could have a platform like flex
> that could give you all the flavors. If you need some UI controls,
> states, containers and so on and you have in you selected
> platform...the better, isn't it? ;)
>> i totally agree to your point b) except for this last statement "but as 
>> well
>> for people that wants to create complex games". unless you 'r thinking of
>> games with lots of menu like football manager, its hard to see a place 
>> for
>> flex in that area.
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