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From Carol Frampton <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release InstallApacheFlex 1.0 - RC7
Date Wed, 17 Oct 2012 17:57:43 GMT

On 10/17/12 9 :06AM, "Christophe Herreman" <>

>I gave this a spin and here is some feedback:
>- the application did not install and I got an error saying that the
>installer was probably misconfigured. It turned out that I did not
>uninstall a previous version of the application. After doing so, the
>application did install. Will this be the case for every upgrade?

Om or Erik should answer this with more details because I can't remember
them but I think the answer is no.

>- the Dutch version is missing translations (the selected directory is not
>empty, the installer will download software..., I agree to all options...,
>Required, I agree, install, the small license texts, copy log, Install
>Downloading ... from ..., verifying, open apache flex folder). I did not
>check other languages.
>- buttons don't scale when translations are too long (in Dutch:
>- Layout: in general the layout is not similar to most other installers.
>The logo is very dominant. The main content looks like a panel or popup
>window that can be moved, probably removing the shadow would fix this. The
>(red) checkboxes next to the licenses invite you to click them. It would
>probably be better to have bullets there or so and change to a green tick
>(without the square) when OK.
>- log window: the window is resizable and has the logo in the background.
>This is visible when you resize the window. Not sure if the logo should be
>there; a grey background is probably good to fill the bottom bar. The log
>entries are now in a List; perhaps this should just be a text area so you
>can directly select (parts of) the text.

I believe there are existing JIRA issues for all of these for the next

>- while installing, the title of the panel changed to "Aborting
>installation", but everything installed correctly. Could not reproduce on
>second run.
>PS: sorry for being inactive lately, but work is keeping me from actively
>2012/10/16 Roland Zwaga <>
>> +1
>> downloaded and installed like a boss ;)
>Christophe Herreman

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