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From Thibault Imbert <>
Subject Re: ASC 2.0 and Falcon
Date Tue, 16 Oct 2012 00:28:05 GMT
Hi Mike,

Yes, we wanted to give you access to the compiler as soon as possible so
we decided to donate the final version of the compiler (aka Falcon) with
Flex (MXML) support that you guys could contribute to it and shape Falcon
the way Flex developers decide to.

ASC 2.0 purpose was gaming focused, hence why we decided to pursue the
development on our side. Given that its audience today is different we
don't want to have gaming requirements for the compiler get in the way of
requirements from Flex developers.

Thibault Imbert | sr. product manager gaming (Graphics, Language, VM,
Compiler) | Monocle | adobe systems <> |
<> | @thibault_imbert

On 10/15/12 3:20 PM, ""
<> wrote:

>>Yes, ASC 2.0 is essentially a fork of Falcon. (More accurately, Falcon
>>was branched off back in the summer and the packages were renamed from
>>com.adobe.flash to org.apache.flex.) As far >as I know, I'll be
>>integrating these bugfixes into Falcon at some point.
>So, essentially, adobe donated a snap shot in time of falcon and is
>continuing development in a closed source manner. Is this accurate?

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