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From Carlos Rovira <>
Subject Re: Is Apache model killing this project?
Date Thu, 18 Oct 2012 15:06:36 GMT

what about to document in the wiki concrete efforts for the compiler?
This would be your vision, and people could be interested in your
proposal and end making team with you...

2012/10/18 Michael Schmalle <>:
> Erik,
> I want to clarify what *I* meant by ghost town.
> We are all on a team, in the circle of life we all have roles we play and
> positions we excel at. The ghost town I am speaking of is the push for
> forward progress at the same time Om and yourself are making the current SDK
> available as an Apache release.
> Honestly, I cannot do what you or Om are doing, I know nothing about keys,
> release protocols, the mustella etc. I know about components, compilers and
> documenters.
> I have tried creating a circle so I can feel like there are a couple others
> thinking about "what is next" for the project beyond what you, Om and others
> are working hard on at the moment.
> The fact is, to move forward with the compiler, there needs to be a circle
> created where more than just casual observation is happening.
> For me, this is the first step of contribution I am offering. I feel I have
> offered a lot to this project already and want to continue. I am just laying
> out some of my opinions that I feel are prerequisites to start this huge
> migration that is inevitable to compete with new technologies.
> So let me repeat, there is a lot I cannot do on this project, there is a
> little that I could be really good at.
> Anyway, I probably sound self centered, but I really am. I also know what it
> takes for innovation, communication is the only way mankind has evolved.
> And yes, this has been a good conversation... I only wish it was about the
> compiler API and unit tests. ;-)
> Mike
> --
> Michael Schmalle - Teoti Graphix, LLC

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