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From Gordon Smith <>
Subject Re: To AS4 or not (was: Re: ASC 2.0 and Falcon)
Date Fri, 19 Oct 2012 15:52:42 GMT
I don't think Adobe has publicly disclosed details about AS4 yet, so I'll just say that there
are significant changes from AS3. However, porting Flex would probably involve more work in
adapting to the new runtime APIs than in adapting to the new language.

Also, the AS4 compiler will not be open source.

- Gordon

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On Oct 19, 2012, at 5:11 AM, "sébastien Paturel" <> wrote:

> The question is what amount of work does it require to port from AS3 to 
> AS4 ?
> It does not seems that the difference is as big as between AS2 and AS3 
> right?
> I don't understand, what you mean in fact.
> Is the work required is about to target stage3D by using starling2D as a 
> rendering layer? or is there more to do on the language side, needing to 
> rewrite big parts of the framework?
> - If targeting AS4 means that we can't target AS3 as backward 
> compatibility because of deep AS3 rewrite its nonsense for flex.
> - If targetting FlashPlayerNext means that we "just" need to change the 
> rendering layer, even if some features of Flex can't be used 
> (accessibility, native internationalization etc). The question is : Does 
> the framework architecture allow it or is it too monolithic to make it 
> happen?
> Le 19/10/2012 02:26, Carlos Rovira a écrit :
>> I think we only could evaluate AS4 when Adobe share more info about
>> flash player next. Things like accesibility, localization, and others
>> are key for Flex. Hope that info could be shared soon and hope as well
>> internacionalization will be focus since I think is important in
>> gamming too.
>> 2012/10/19 Alex Harui <>:
>>> On 10/18/12 4:14 PM, "Om" <> wrote:
>>>> I dont quite get the pessimism here.  I am in fact glad that Adobe stopped
>>>> working on Flex and is concentrating more on the Virtual Machine and AS
>>>> language enhancements.  Isnt that what we all wanted?
>>> Flash in AVM1 and AVM2 had all of the pieces to support enterprise apps.
>>> AVMNext doesn't have accessibility story yet, for example.
>>> --
>>> Alex Harui
>>> Flex SDK Team
>>> Adobe Systems, Inc.
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