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From "" <>
Subject AW: Financing the Design View AIR App (Was: Re: Design View AIR App)
Date Wed, 03 Oct 2012 14:38:55 GMT
Oh ... let me thow in a little more weight for the Catalyst ;-)

I invested quite some time in setting up a project structure that allowed me to concentrate
on developing (Using an ugly but functional developer Skin) and having professional Designers
use Catalyst to Skin the application. Unfortunately it seemed that the designers available
on the market were all even less "finished" than the Catalyst project, but as soon as the
designers got the hang of it, the results were pretty sattisfying and I had what I was allways
dreaming about: Being able to concentrate on the functionality and have a designer do all
the stuff that sells the application (cool buttons, even greater effects and animated transitions,
...) :-)

I would be really happy if Adobe didn't entirely drop this tool, and if they did, If they
would somehow open-source it.


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Von: Michael Schmalle [] 
Gesendet: Mittwoch, 3. Oktober 2012 11:30
Betreff: Re: Financing the Design View AIR App (Was: Re: Design View AIR App)


No offense but sometimes I think you over think problems. Apache is not an enterprise in respect
to each project.

Having the same perspective about a project like FlashCatalyst and expecting that from Apache
Flex is going to keep you up at night. This project would be iterative.

 From the looks of it I can count more than 3 people that seem to be interested in this project
and we have only talked about it for a day.

IMO I think you should just give the FC thing a rest and save your energy for things that
actually could manifest.


Quoting Sebastian Mohr <>:

> Thanks, Om, for taking the initiative on this matter!
> I still doubt, though, that this designing and skinning tool, you are 
> proposing, can be created by one person alone. If the Adobe Catalyst 
> team couldn't finish Flash Catalyst within 4 years of development, how 
> could you possibly do that just on your own?
> The way I see it: The Flash Catalyst development should be reopened 
> and splited up into an open source project and into a commercial 
> project. The open source project should be hosted on Github and 
> codenamed Adobe Thermo again [1] - just like Adobe Brackets [2]. 
> Further, the commercial product, called Flash Catalyst again, should 
> reenter the Adobe Creative Suite product line in CS7.
> In case that Adobe blocks those affords then, maybe, the Spoon project 
> would have some financial resources left to start this initiative. 
> Thoughts?
> Sincerely Yours,
> Sebastian Mohr
> Apache Flex Developer (PPMC),
> Interaction Designer & Musician
> [1]
> [2]
> --
Michael Schmalle - Teoti Graphix, LLC

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