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From Tomislav Pokrajcic <>
Subject Re: Flex possible evolutions
Date Mon, 22 Oct 2012 13:45:48 GMT
It's interesting to take a look on what's going on in Unity3D world 
right now.
They have a pretty advanced gaming runtime and similar to what Adobe is 
looking for (not completely the same thing but close enough for this 
A friend of mine is working on a GUI framework for that platform and by 
his words, that community still doesn't fully understand the power of 
having a great GUI framework, but slowly it's coming to the table.
Much of his inspiration for the framework came from the experience of 
working with Flex and probably this is something similar to what Flex 
could one day look like...
Take a look at examples at


On 22.10.2012. 13:29, Carlos Rovira wrote:
> Games could be very complex and not all new game developments are tiny
> games for mobile, shoot'em ups, platforms or 3D arcades. There's as
> well graphic adventures, RPG's world based, sport managers (like you
> say), a mix of all... In definitive all what our imagination could
> bring to your screen and I think you could have a platform like flex
> that could give you all the flavors. If you need some UI controls,
> states, containers and so on and you have in you selected
> platform...the better, isn't it? ;)
>> i totally agree to your point b) except for this last statement "but as well
>> for people that wants to create complex games". unless you 'r thinking of
>> games with lots of menu like football manager, its hard to see a place for
>> flex in that area.

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