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From sébastien Paturel <>
Subject Re: Flex possible evolutions
Date Mon, 22 Oct 2012 11:17:54 GMT
Thanks for this thread Carlos,

Did you shared knowledge with Jonathan Campos regarding the starling 
rendering layer issue?
If i understand well his last answer, its not trivial thing to manage, 
but its realistic for a new major update. I think its good news, but 
still wait confirmation and details.

I agree that we need more informations about AVMNext and what it needs 
to target it.
If it means transcoding to AS4, its not an option unless we find a semi 
automatic way to do it but according to Gordon its not very promising,
if if means to render on starling, like feathersUI does (and thibault 
seems to say that it is enough to target new runtime) then we can digg 
it (and it has already been).

I would add that if the current SDK can target starling, which means 
target stage3D, which means something not too far from openGLES, what 
does Flex SDK need to be able to target native openGLES platform?
transcompilation to C++ or java? get rid of some frameworks parts like 
accessibility? i get back to the list of features that tie the SDK to 
flash platform.
Is it stupidly naïve to think of it? it would ensure a smoother 
transition from current SDk to the new from scratch.

i totally agree to your point b) except for this last statement "but as 
well for people that wants to create complex games". unless you 'r 
thinking of games with lots of menu like football manager, its hard to 
see a place for flex in that area.

  Le 22/10/2012 11:39, Carlos Rovira a écrit :
> After last days news I was digging into Starling and cover lot of
> stuff to get some initial knowledge. I really love what I see. I need
> to continue the research more things like StarlingMVC, feathersui, and
> so on...
> IMO, the ways we have ahead to choose are:
> a) Refactor actual Flex framework to rely on Starling. This will
> prepare Flex to the AVNNext and AS4. This seems very laborious for
> what people says here, but this refactor will open the door to old
> applications target the new AVMNext.
> Problems: We need to know more about AVMNext and AS4, what about
> localization? accesibility?... until be don't know all this things we
> can't evaluate this option in its totality and see if it's worth the
> investment.
> b) Make a new light weight flex framework *from scratch* that will be
> a dream platform to develop with OOP, a new evolutioned compiler
> (Falcon) and lots of new development facilities and be prepared to
> target new AVMNext and HTML5. This will have in mind composition over
> inheritance, modularity, and decoupling of libraries.
> We would need to target as many features of the actual flex framework
> as possible:
> * Components (This could rely on feathersui, if the evaluation of this
> component set will be positive. I already need to see more about this
> project).
> * Containers
> * View States and Transitions
> * Binding
> * Application framework with Managers (layout, system, popup,...) and
> all the things to avoid us to seek for external components and scripts
> that integrates all the parts.
> * Styling through CSS (seems feathers have already skinning)
> * Skinning
> * Declarative programing through something like MXML
> * Effects
> * ...
> We should take care that this new framework could target multiple
> runtimes (Flash and HTML5). Without this...we could not expect to have
> the needed traction this project requires. We could start with Flash
> in the beginning, but making the needed room to hold HTML5 in the near
> future.
> Again the main problem here is to know more about new AVMNext and AS4
> to see if this is possible (localization? accesibility? ...), but as
> well we would want to know more like... there are generics? metadata
> evolution? ... to take into account in the new frameworks design.
> To end: This project has many possibilities and the ability to be the
> platform of choice for lots of people that wants to develop serious
> RIAs, but as well for people that wants to create complex games.

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