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From sébastien Paturel <>
Subject Re: Starling + Flex
Date Sun, 21 Oct 2012 20:01:16 GMT
AVMNext may not worth it, but any other target would.
So you are saying that trying to patch the framework is too much hard 
work to get it run on other targets?
And you'd better try to write a new one from scratch?

But why would it still be called Flex if it has nothing to do with 
previous Flex SDK, and if it does not have backward compatibility etc
Nothing could be used back from actual Flex, it would be such a waste, 
and too much work to get back in the race of every other mature 
Why would it even be written in AS3?
And without AS3 or easy transcoding solution, all previous Flex projects 
already written have no future.

And why is the community still waiting for every other Adobe's donation, 
or trying to make mustella work if there's no future in all that?

i'd love to get other commiter's vision of flex future.

Alex, i 'll try to wait your detailed explanations after 360Min, but do 
you really think it's realistic to start a new framework from scratch, 
regarding all the hard work needed to get any close to what Flex offers?

I feel that everything is going back in time. We're not talking about 
abandoning an old technology, to get new modern and better one, we're 
talking about abandoning a very efficient technology, with no 
alternative with the same level of possibilities.

Le 21/10/2012 19:34, Alex Harui a écrit :
> The current Flex Framework is a very large code base that contains 50% code
> written for AS2 and then ported to AS3 and 50% code written with extra
> overhead to support Flash Catalyst.
> All of the code is written to work against the Sprite/DisplayList API.
> A straight up port will bring all of that baggage with us, and, because of
> the interdependencies in the code that is a vestige of what was required to
> get AS2 performance, it will be hard to do such a port in phases.
> I've been saying from the beginning of Apache Flex that it is time for a
> next-generation framework designed to be ported/transcoded/whatever to
> different targets, which could include AVMNext/AS4 if it proves worthwhile,
> but again, AVMNext doesn't have a good story around accessibility, so while
> you could write some simple UI to get someone to pay for your game, I'm not
> clear it upscales to true internet applications.
> What will that look like?  I have some ideas, but I'm not totally sure yet,
> I hope to have some discussions on this at 360Min before bringing the ideas
> to the list.
> On 10/21/12 7:58 AM, "sébastien Paturel" <> wrote:
>> Thanks for the update,
>> but why would it require a "fairly massive rewrite" exactly?
>> when you say "I would look at that" about feathersui, you mean as an
>> alternative to flex?
>> its quite a bad news IMO. if flex can't "easely" target a new rendering
>> layer like starling, which stay in an Adobe runtime,
>> what is the future of flex as a multi platform framework, and especially
>> as a mobile SDK?
>>> After discussing with Thibault and spending time working on this I've
>>> determined that a fairly massive rewrite would be required. Shortly after
>>> they released and I will say that it is a nice bit
>>> of work. I would look at that.
>>> On Sat, Oct 20, 2012 at 8:40 AM, sébastien Paturel
>>> <>wrote:
>>>> Hi jonathan,
>>>> What is the state of this very promising project?
>>>> Le 14/06/2012 18:46, Jonathan Campos a écrit :
>>>>    Recently I've been getting aquatinted with Starling to see if it could
>>>>> work
>>>>> with Flex. After a few days of playing I think that it is possible but
>>>>> do
>>>>> see the issues now and there is plenty of work that is necessary to make
>>>>> it
>>>>> happen.
>>>>> To get things going I basically cut down the UIComponent (to the parts
>>>>> that
>>>>> I cared about), made a copy of the entire Flex framework (as many
>>>>> interfaces rely on DisplayObject, etc), replaced them with Starling
>>>>> classes, rebuilt some of the Spark primitives, and "adjusted" some of
>>>>> starling classes to fit some of the Flash interfaces.
>>>>> At this point I'm definitely going to wait to get the 4.8 release out
>>>>> before giving this more time but I think it is possible. I'm sure other
>>>>> developers are already aware of it but if we could make some new
>>>>> interfaces
>>>>> such as an IDisplayObject it would be much easier switching out
>>>>> DisplayObject for a Starling DisplayObject.
>>>>> Just thinking out loud at this point.

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