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From sébastien Paturel <>
Subject Re: ASC 2.0 and Falcon
Date Fri, 19 Oct 2012 12:09:59 GMT
Hi Thibault,
Does this VM change will also be applied to next AIR runtime?

Le 19/10/2012 01:31, Thibault Imbert a écrit :
> Hi Mike,
> Just to clarify. I am not saying Flex developers should bet on
> Feathers/Starling to be the next Flex.
> I was just giving examples of how a very lightweight Flex could work on
> this new runtime.
> Thibault Imbert | sr. product manager gaming (Graphics, Language, VM,
> Compiler) | Monocle | adobe systems
> <> |
> <> | @thibault_imbert
> On 10/18/12 3:38 PM, ""
> <> wrote:
>>> Just a heads up, given the architecture changes of the next-gen runtime,
>>> Flex will not be able to run in it. I would "highly" recommend you guys
>>> having a look at Feathers (work from Josh >Tynjala - on
>>> top of Starling, which will run beautifully in our next runtime.
>> Before this goes much farther, please keep in mind that Flex will run in
>> the current AVM, that isn't changing.
>> It won't run in the new AVM, which is primarily for gaming. While I am
>> sure the new VM is just the best thing, anywhere, ever, I am a little
>> worried that it won't immediately (or ever) support all of the features
>> relevant to Flex applications (which usually aren't games). As an
>> example, the internationalization APIs in the Flash VM were never
>> finished, I can't imagine their port and expansion is a high priority.
>> This is Apache and everyone is free to spend their cycles where they see
>> fit. To me though, I wouldn't "highly" recommend trying to reach this new
>> future-target. If Adobe plans on honoring their promises, Flash Player
>> will continue to run Flex apps for at least the next 4 years. If the new
>> VM is so universally lauded, that it becomes the choice for large-scale
>> applications within companies using Flex world-wide, then I will
>> re-evaluate.
>> In the meantime, if we are talking about porting or rewriting Flex, I
>> have a few other places that seem more relevant today.
>> My $1.50,
>> Mike

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