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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: [POLL] tag (was: Re: [VOTE] "The more designer tools exist for Apache Flex, the more attractive Apache Flex becomes")
Date Thu, 04 Oct 2012 15:47:12 GMT

Flash Builder is not an Apache project. Apache Flex has very little or no say in what Adobe
does with Flash Builder. While there are a few Adobe folk on this list having a poll about
design view is not going to get them to add it back into Flash Builder any time soon. Sorry
that's just how it is.

 It was hoped that Adobe would open source the design view but I can't see that happening.
This isn't new news we've known that design view was going to be dropped from Flash Builder
for more than 6 months now.

I have preferred that Adobe keep design view as it's a useful tool, but they didn't. The choice
as far as I see it:
1. Come up with our own design plugin/tool
2. Use another IDE

I think a stand alone AIR designer would be possible if enough people (designers and developers)

On a similar track does anyone remember the old Flex 2/3 component explorers and style explorers,
they were quite useful IMO.  Anyone know if the source code is available and has a compatible

There was some talk a while back about open sourcing Tour de Flex anyone know if progress
has been made here?

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