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From Michael Schmalle <>
Subject Re: Is Apache model killing this project?
Date Thu, 18 Oct 2012 14:34:53 GMT
Right, I have a thick head, thus some of my comments.

Quoting Erik de Bruin <>:

> Mike,
> I'm taking none of this personal, I'm Dutch and have a very thick
> skin, so don't worry about that :-)
> The only thing I'm trying to achieve with my comments is to get you to
> contribute something to the project, besides constructive criticism
> and excellent ideas. You have to offer so much, why not share a
> little? As you correctly assert, no one can complete Falcon on their
> own, not even Gordon (well, given enough time... ;-)), so, like a long
> journey, maybe start with one small step?

Yes, I understand this unfortunately I am at a turning point here. I  
am like any other business man that has to weigh the options of my  
next step and decisions.

I have tried to start some dialog in the past couple of weeks about  
documentation, the compiler etc. As Roland stated, the only feedback I  
got was from him and we have talked about this stuff personally, so he  
doesn't count. :)

I already risked my business on Adobe last year, that failed. I had to  
pick up the pieces of last November and reinvent myself. Choosing to  
commit myself to this project means seeing or in my case feeling  
support, I'm not going to start something until I can get a decent  
dialog with other developers. I don't care what Apache says about do  
it yourself, if conversations cannot even be started on a dev list,  
it's hopeless form my view and I'm not going to spend my free time  
committing code to a project that I cannot even get decent feedback  
from a dev list.

> If you think that there needs to be discussion about the direction of
> the project and it the goals the community would like to work towards,
> please start one. You can use this list, but better would be to use
> the Wiki or the website itself, so there is a better record of the
> arguments.

I understand this as well but, if I cannot at least get a decent  
conversation from the project's dev list, why even bother spending  
time on a wiki or a website that these devs probably are not even  


> EdB
> On Thu, Oct 18, 2012 at 2:54 PM, Michael Schmalle
> <> wrote:
>> Erik,
>> Please man, I mean no disrespect in any of these emails to you it's a
>> frustration I have been holding onto for about 10 months now.
>> The github reference was in relation to supporting a small, manageable open
>> source project in a github account. The point was a lot of those projects
>> are small and manageable.
>> The flex project is huge and all interdependent. Yes, Apache says no road
>> maps but common, active contributors need to have conversations and create
>> dialog about future implementations. Maybe not when creating higherlevel
>> things but when we are talking about a compiler, I'm not just stepping into
>> the wild unkown without a "little" backup here, meaning a couple other
>> enthusiastic developers at my side. IE I'm not talking about making a
>> TabNavigator implementation in my whiteboard here.
>> So to answer, I have no knowledge of how to get GIT running on Apache.
>> Mike
>> Quoting Erik de Bruin <>:
>>>> Supporting some github project is definitely where I could "if you don't
>>>> like it, change it."
>>> Well, that is a good place to start! Apache Infra has indicated that
>>> they would help the project move to Git if the project 'donated' a few
>>> volunteers to help with the move and to support the new workflow after
>>> that. I'm sure the project would much appreciate it if you could be
>>> one of those volunteers.
>>> Thank you,
>>> EdB
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>>> I.
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>> Michael Schmalle - Teoti Graphix, LLC
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> Ix Multimedia Software
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> I.

Michael Schmalle - Teoti Graphix, LLC

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