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From Gordon Smith <>
Subject RE: Does Falcon need to take CDATA sections into account when parsing <fx:string/>?
Date Mon, 29 Oct 2012 17:16:53 GMT
This is a bug.

The tests in MXMLBooleanNode are more complete that for other primitive tags. I added a test
to MXMLBooleanNode that shows CDATA works inside of <Boolean>. Each of the primitive
tags needs this kind of test.

- Gordon

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From: Roland Zwaga [] 
Sent: Sunday, October 28, 2012 10:12 AM
Subject: Does Falcon need to take CDATA sections into account when parsing <fx:string/>?

Hi there,

I've been taking my few first uncertain steps into grokking the Falcon sources. I was looking
at the MXMLStringNode tests and wanted to see if the parser takes into account CDATA sections
in them.
So I added a test that set up an <fx:string/> node like this:

String code = "<fx:String><![CDATA[ ]]></fx:String>"; //The CDATA section
here contains a single space IMXMLStringNode node = getMXMLStringNode(code); assertThat("getValue",
node.getValue(), is(" "));

Now, this test fails, because the node.getValue() returns null. IMHO, this is incorrect behaviour,
since CDATA sections should be parsed literally without any assumptions or postprocessing.

Does everyone agree on this? Thoughts please ;)


Roland Zwaga
Senior Consultant | Stack & Heap BVBA

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