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From Carol Frampton <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release InstallApacheFlex 1.0 - RC5
Date Wed, 26 Sep 2012 14:21:47 GMT

On 9/26/12 4 :46AM, "Erik de Bruin" <> wrote:

>> FLEX-33210 problem earlier, but as I said i'm very surprised that no
>> one else here seems to be bothered by Flex software blindly installing
>> stuff on user's boxes.
>Well, the user expects the installer to install a functional SDK. The
>Apache Flex SDK itself contains thousands of files, including binaries
>with all the executable bits set, and there's no way the user is going
>to verify the functionality of all of them. They need to trust these
>files 'do no harm'. So, by extension, if the SDK is dependant on
>binaries from another source, and it won't function without them, the
>user will implicitly need to trust that source, reasoning that if the
>source wasn't trusted, the SDK wouldn't (be able to/want to) rely on
>it. So, adding the dialog adds an extra step to the installer and all
>the talk about 'untrusted' and 'unverified' will almost certainly
>create a sense of FUD, which is IMHO unhelpful at this point in this
>project's development.
>People have become sceptical about Flex's future, mostly by Adobe's
>unfortunate communications and the initial handling of the OS release.
>Right now I feel we should try to regain their trust and give them
>back the feeling they can rely on Apache Flex to remain and be
>continually developed. We do this by providing easy access to the SDK,
>with as few steps and distractions as possible, allowing people to
>quickly adopt the Apache Flex SDK and feel confidant about upgrading
>to future releases. Only with that trust and the comfortable feeling
>that their favourite SDK is in good hands with this project, will all
>the other work (compiler, components etc.) have purpose.

I am in total agreement with the above paragraph.  I just re-looked at the
installer.  If you click the Disclaimer button it takes you to [1] and I
think all the relevant information is there.  We could further enhance it
with a list of every single binary we "install" if that would address
FLEX-33210.  As Nick pointed out "install" isn't really the right word.
We're just creating the SDK which consists of a directory of files which
are pulled from various sources.

an aside: I do wish we would remove the abbreviation AFI from [1] and
spell out Apache Flex Installer.  I had to read the page a couple of times
before I figured out what AFI was.



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