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From Alex Harui <>
Subject Re: Difference between CSS, SWC and SWF themes?
Date Sun, 23 Sep 2012 04:19:06 GMT
A theme is described by its CSS file, which usually refers to some assets.
Those assets might be Flash SWF assets, or FXG or ActionScript classes.
Depending on the type of assets, it is sometimes more convenient to package
it up as a SWC (the CSS file is in the SWC).  This is usually the case when
the assets are classes.  If they are just SWF symbols then we don't bother.

It should be possible to package the SWF and CSS as a SWC, but there might
be some detail I'm forgetting.

On 9/22/12 9:46 AM, "" <>

> Hi,
> I finally got some time to continue work on my FDK generator. Thanks to
> Frédéric I don't have to deal with the automatic Zipping oft he Source
> artifacts any longer :)
> He also made me realize that I also have to deploy the stuff in the themes
> directory. He manually deployed the halo.swc, but I would like to auto-deploy
> them all in some way.
> Up till now my way of deploying the themes was to zip up the entire themes
> directory and create a special zip artifact for that. This was the way Velo
> used to do it, but I thought this allways was sort of hacky. Having a more
> detailed look at the themes, I can't seem to work out why some themes are SWC
> files, some are SWFs (AeonGraphical ) and some others are simple CSS files
> (sometimes accompanied with one or two image resources). So my question now
> is: What are these differences and what ist the reason for them? My current
> assumption is that the CSS themes are deployed as simple CSS Files because
> creating a SWC containing only a CSS and mabe one image was too much overhead.
> Would it be possible to make SWCs out of these non-swc-themes and to use them
> the same way the more hevy weight halo theme is used? This would make
> deploying them and using them in Flexmojos a lot easier.
> Chris

Alex Harui
Flex SDK Team
Adobe Systems, Inc.

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