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From Nicholas Kwiatkowski <>
Subject Re: May I fork the project for creating a reduced version of it?
Date Thu, 06 Sep 2012 14:31:56 GMT
That's a really good question.  At the moment, we really don't have /any/
linux based tooling.  The compilers may be compiled for Linux in the
future, but that hasn't been our focus at the moment.  Let alone, we really
don't have any modern versions of FP debugger.

Making a Linux version of the compiler should be trivial*.  The biggest
blocker would be the debugger, I think.


* speaking completely out of my ass.  I haven't looked at it, and my
experience with compiler design is from a comp-sci program that was rated
as "wait? that qualifies as a comp-sci program?!?" by the AP.

On Thu, Sep 6, 2012 at 6:34 AM, Left Right <> wrote:

> Thanks for the encouragement.
> I would also like to discuss couple of related things.
> I am now in the process of setting a development environment on a
> 64-bit Fedora Linux, and there are certain impediments that have to be
> considered with regard to SDK.
> - practically none of debugging runtimes work.
> * Standalone player requires a good deal of i686 libraries (32-bit
> libraries for X, networking and who knows what else, I had some of
> those installed with wine, so I don't know how many of them is exactly
> needed).
> * I wasn't able to use any of browser plugins for debugging, but I
> don't know yet what is exactly the reason, perhaps there is some way
> to get them working. Google-chrome somehow packages Flash player for
> Pepper API - I would try to investigate that path because they
> actually have some rouge 11.3 version of the player, which can't be
> downloaded from Adobe (Adobe dropped support at 11.2).
> * AIR (haven't tried yet, but there ware a lot of complications in the
> early days on 64-bit distros).
> * Running AIR in Android emulator (tried!) but there's still a lot of
> research to be made.
> * AIR runtime under Wine - this actually seems to work fairly well...
> unless you try doing some GPU-related stuff on anything other than
> NVidia chips, and even then you will have to flush .xsession-errors
> log on a second by second basis :/ Wine doesn't seem to support DRI on
> AMD or Intell chips (this may be a very broad claim, only due to my
> personal failure to get any of that, perhaps, some are supported).
> * Flash player plugin running in Firefox in Wine (seems to work fairly
> well, but may encounter same issues with GPU-related stuff, not tested
> yet).
> I didn't yet try connecting to a mobile device running AIR from linux
> and debugging it, neither tried debugging in emulator, only saw it
> launch.
> So, given a much better luck I had with running Flash through Wine,
> would it make sense to choose this route for Flash developing under
> Linux? This is, practically, how I do it now anyway.
> Best.
> Oleg

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