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From Left Right <>
Subject Re: May I fork the project for creating a reduced version of it?
Date Thu, 06 Sep 2012 10:34:41 GMT
Thanks for the encouragement.

I would also like to discuss couple of related things.

I am now in the process of setting a development environment on a
64-bit Fedora Linux, and there are certain impediments that have to be
considered with regard to SDK.

- practically none of debugging runtimes work.
* Standalone player requires a good deal of i686 libraries (32-bit
libraries for X, networking and who knows what else, I had some of
those installed with wine, so I don't know how many of them is exactly
* I wasn't able to use any of browser plugins for debugging, but I
don't know yet what is exactly the reason, perhaps there is some way
to get them working. Google-chrome somehow packages Flash player for
Pepper API - I would try to investigate that path because they
actually have some rouge 11.3 version of the player, which can't be
downloaded from Adobe (Adobe dropped support at 11.2).
* AIR (haven't tried yet, but there ware a lot of complications in the
early days on 64-bit distros).
* Running AIR in Android emulator (tried!) but there's still a lot of
research to be made.
* AIR runtime under Wine - this actually seems to work fairly well...
unless you try doing some GPU-related stuff on anything other than
NVidia chips, and even then you will have to flush .xsession-errors
log on a second by second basis :/ Wine doesn't seem to support DRI on
AMD or Intell chips (this may be a very broad claim, only due to my
personal failure to get any of that, perhaps, some are supported).
* Flash player plugin running in Firefox in Wine (seems to work fairly
well, but may encounter same issues with GPU-related stuff, not tested

I didn't yet try connecting to a mobile device running AIR from linux
and debugging it, neither tried debugging in emulator, only saw it

So, given a much better luck I had with running Flash through Wine,
would it make sense to choose this route for Flash developing under
Linux? This is, practically, how I do it now anyway.



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