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From Left Right <>
Subject Re: May I fork the project for creating a reduced version of it?
Date Sun, 02 Sep 2012 18:38:32 GMT
> Why should it need a DEB package
Because this is the common way to install programs on Debian-like
systems. SDK has tons of dependencies, resolving them all by hand is
difficult and time consuming.
It could be RPM too, or whatever there's the way to install on other
platforms. The more the merrier.

For example, the build readme now says that it needs Java 1.6 (but you
will have Java 1.7 most of the time). I don't think anyone tested the
SDK with OpenJDK or IBM JDK - OpenJDK is what gets installed on Linux
by default.

It also makes it easier to support it, because if you know how the
program was possibly installed, you'd know where to find it on other
people systems and fix, if anything is broken.



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