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From Alain Ekambi <>
Subject Re: [RT] Flex cross compilation for new environments
Date Mon, 17 Sep 2012 10:38:53 GMT
While i appreciate all the effort.
What exactly is wrong with the flash player  that we necessary need to go
away from it ?

2012/9/17 Michael Schmalle <>

> Hi,
> I have been waiting for a thread like this since the compiler code was
> released. I've spent the last 3 days completely digesting as much of the
> compiler framework as I can. What I see has a very significant impact on
> the future of ActionScript and Apache Flex in my opinion.
> From a framework devs perspective, we have been given all the tools to do
> what we need to do to get away from the FlashPlayer.
> Some of you may remember me from Dec-Jan when I was as active as you can
> be in this project and it's beginning. That all changed when I realized I
> to was on a ship ready to sink during the next storm and that was Flex and
> the FlashPlayer. I spent the last 8 months reorganizing my business and
> working on Android audio things that actually keeps the family fed.
> What's the point Mike? I have been with the ActionScript language since
> 2001 and Flash 5, I have written in a lot of different languages and for
> some reason ActionScript is "very easy" to get the ideas out and down (I
> keep coming back to it for fun).
> So I come back and see what's happening here, oh Gordon joins for some
> part time work and the Falcon code is donated. Ok, this is it, when I was
> preaching the word of Apache Flex almost a year ago, this is what I was
> talking about, a new future for ActionScript and Flex, a new use case.
> Since I have totally abandoned the Flash Player from a dependent business
> perspective, I love the fact I can come back and work on things that are
> NOT related to the FlashPlayer.
> The opensource spirit at Apache is about invention, experiments and
> cooperation. I am very willing and have the time to work on a future such
> as what Igor is talking about.
> To see ActionScript and Flex leave it's little safe home at Adobe and the
> FlashPlayer only to find itself in the hands of new web devs experiencing
> an tight middle tier language to get things done in the new age would be
> poetic justice for my last decade and dealings with Adobe.
> I'll check this stuff out Igor.
> Mike
>  Hi there Folks
>> I've been digging around Vaadin source code and the way the move to
>> support
>> compilation for HTML/CSS/JS with Java written only.
>> Their way of generating source code is pretty similar of what we have in
>> SystemManager(https://vaadin.**com/api/com/vaadin/ui/**
>> AbstractComponent.html<>)
>> and
>> UIComponent(https://vaadin.**com/api/com/vaadin/ui/**Component.html<>),
>> I guess
>> on my view they had something in mind
>> to be inspired by Flash ecosystem mixing with GWT which is part of the
>> core
>> of it.
>> Some advantages on their project is licensed under Apache, it's
>> open-source
>> and their API is pretty similar like Flex and Swing.
>> That's lead me to one question, should we move on that direction with
>> Falcon or even mxmlc to generate something similar to that?
>> I mean how hard should be to generate text base docs.
>> The core way of vaadin does it's all related to css to create the UI and
>> javascript 1.2 to the engine of script.
>> We shall have to inspire in this project to take cool features it's have
>> and apply some of them in Flex project.
>> I'd love to see some feedback's here.
>> ----------------------------
>> Igor Costa
> --
> Michael Schmalle - Teoti Graphix, LLC

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