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From Kiel <>
Subject Re: Mustella Update
Date Wed, 12 Sep 2012 06:09:05 GMT

Thanks Peter for clearing things regarding `mobile`.

Still... have a few more things that I would like to know.

1) In regards with `-apollo` and `-browser`
If a test has been done by `Projector content debugger`(standalone)
do we still need to test them on `-apollo` and `-browser`?

Can I expect:
`-apollo` and `-browser` also has the same number of tests 'passed' / 
     Create Jira if there are any discrepancy found?

I realized that `-browser` used the installed Flash Player of the Browser.
Note to self when testing for older versions.

2) Give some pointing directions on what would be needed for `mobile`?


On 9/7/2012 9:15 PM, Peter Ent wrote:
> Hi,
> We aren't handling mobile at the moment. My apologies as that was not made
> clear. Aside from a device on which to run the tests, I'm not sure what
> else needs to be in place, but I will find out and post that information.
> You can send an email with your results. If you had to modify tests and/or
> regenerate bitmaps, please create a bug in JIRA and create one or more
> patch files. I've been concentrating on the tests/components directory,
> but I do need to look at some of the patch files that have been created
> and I'll start on that today.
> Thank you for your participation and we'll let you know about the mobile
> tests.
> --peter
> On 9/6/12 11:34 PM, "Kiel" <> wrote:
>> Hi Peter,
>> 1) How to run Mustella tests on `/mobile`?
>> 2) Where to put Mustella results for those not yet on wiki,
>>      Is it ok to just place it on mail having the subject "Mustella"?
>> Regards,
>> On 9/5/2012 5:18 AM, Peter Ent wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> For all of you good folks helping with Mustella tests, how are you
>>> doing?
>>> I've updated the "components" section of the Mustella test journal on
>>> the Mustella wiki. I've run through all the directories but still have
>>> more tests to clean up. Let us know how you are doing and if you need
>>> any help.
>>> Regards,
>>> Peter Ent
>>> Flex SDK Team
>>> Adobe Systems

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