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From Michael Schmalle <>
Subject Re: [RT] Flex cross compilation for new environments
Date Mon, 17 Sep 2012 10:27:26 GMT

I have been waiting for a thread like this since the compiler code was  
released. I've spent the last 3 days completely digesting as much of  
the compiler framework as I can. What I see has a very significant  
impact on the future of ActionScript and Apache Flex in my opinion.

 From a framework devs perspective, we have been given all the tools  
to do what we need to do to get away from the FlashPlayer.

Some of you may remember me from Dec-Jan when I was as active as you  
can be in this project and it's beginning. That all changed when I  
realized I to was on a ship ready to sink during the next storm and  
that was Flex and the FlashPlayer. I spent the last 8 months  
reorganizing my business and working on Android audio things that  
actually keeps the family fed.

What's the point Mike? I have been with the ActionScript language  
since 2001 and Flash 5, I have written in a lot of different languages  
and for some reason ActionScript is "very easy" to get the ideas out  
and down (I keep coming back to it for fun).

So I come back and see what's happening here, oh Gordon joins for some  
part time work and the Falcon code is donated. Ok, this is it, when I  
was preaching the word of Apache Flex almost a year ago, this is what  
I was talking about, a new future for ActionScript and Flex, a new use  

Since I have totally abandoned the Flash Player from a dependent  
business perspective, I love the fact I can come back and work on  
things that are NOT related to the FlashPlayer.

The opensource spirit at Apache is about invention, experiments and  
cooperation. I am very willing and have the time to work on a future  
such as what Igor is talking about.

To see ActionScript and Flex leave it's little safe home at Adobe and  
the FlashPlayer only to find itself in the hands of new web devs  
experiencing an tight middle tier language to get things done in the  
new age would be poetic justice for my last decade and dealings with  

I'll check this stuff out Igor.


> Hi there Folks
> I've been digging around Vaadin source code and the way the move to support
> compilation for HTML/CSS/JS with Java written only.
> Their way of generating source code is pretty similar of what we have in
> SystemManager(  
> and
> UIComponent(, I guess
> on my view they had something in mind
> to be inspired by Flash ecosystem mixing with GWT which is part of the core
> of it.
> Some advantages on their project is licensed under Apache, it's open-source
> and their API is pretty similar like Flex and Swing.
> That's lead me to one question, should we move on that direction with
> Falcon or even mxmlc to generate something similar to that?
> I mean how hard should be to generate text base docs.
> The core way of vaadin does it's all related to css to create the UI and
> javascript 1.2 to the engine of script.
> We shall have to inspire in this project to take cool features it's have
> and apply some of them in Flex project.
> I'd love to see some feedback's here.
> ----------------------------
> Igor Costa

Michael Schmalle - Teoti Graphix, LLC

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