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From Michael Schmalle <>
Subject RE: Falcon :: ASDoc porting or re-explore
Date Thu, 13 Sep 2012 21:46:06 GMT
Basically, what I had created was a renderer abstractly that used  
factories to create various render formats.

All I used was the AST produced by the parser, classes that managed  
access into the code model and then a rendering layer that output html  
using Velocity templates and java class builders.

For instance a Java class was made like ClassList extends ASDocTemplateBase.

There was a renderer with public api like returnLink()  
returnEventTable() etc. The concrete implementation of these classes  
were based on "what" they rendered. So you could have one render model  
that could produce HTML, PDF or any other type of output you wanted.

All you would need to do is reimplement the renderer and converter API  
for a new output.

I might actually just move along with this idea since it could totally  
exist outside the framework that would make it point specific. If  
Adobe decides to donate, fine if not I won't have wasted any time,  
since I will have an application that uses the compiler as a module.

Anyway, I'm going to think about this more.


Quoting Gordon Smith <>:

> Recently the Flash Builder team has decided to add ASDoc support to  
> the new compiler. I'll find out whether Adobe is willing to donate  
> this work when it is complete. (In general, Adobe is NOT committed  
> to donating future work on the compiler.) If so, it might not make  
> sense for us to do it. They will be producing the DITA XML format  
> that goes into SWCs. How that gets would turned into HTML might be  
> up to us.
> - Gordon
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> From: Michael Schmalle []
> Sent: Thursday, September 13, 2012 11:33 AM
> To:
> Subject: Falcon :: ASDoc porting or re-explore
> This question is probably for Gordon but, if I was to start coding  
> asdoc implementation, where would I start?
> I understand what is going on but this is a huge step for me and I  
> don't want to waste any time working on something that was  
> ridiculously in the wrong direction.
> So, when the wiki says work on asdoc impl, are we talking about  
> porting the old asdoc algorithms to work with the new AST model or  
> if there are better ways to implement asdoc explore them?
> I'm new to this whole get a major feature started but, any "mentor"
> advice would be greatly appreciated.
> Mike
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> Michael Schmalle - Teoti Graphix, LLC

Michael Schmalle - Teoti Graphix, LLC

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