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Subject Re: Is there anything the community can do to help you testing or documenting Falcon and the build process?
Date Thu, 13 Sep 2012 10:49:02 GMT
Quoting Alex Harui <>:

>> My top priorities currently are:
> 0. Get the MXML handling working.

I have been studying the source code quite intently and I have to say,  
there is a huge amount of potential in this code. Gordon and friends  
did a wonderful job coding this framework, nice.

As this framework is huge, "Get MXML handling working" in my mind is a  
broad statement. Gordon, do you care to add a bit to this to those  
that feel like they want to start writing some code against this?

BTW, the javadoc for this is incredible. Thank you very much for the  
effort put into the documentation.

I haven't gotten through the whole source yet but I noticed preprocess  
things. Have you allowed for preprocess and post process of  
AST/Compile from something loaded from the outside? I mean can I  
extend something without recompiling the project with my code included.

PS I'm up for framework code contribution, I will be the first to  
admit my experience with large build scripts, ant etc. is very limited  
so I will be most efficient working within the falcon java code.


>> 1. Get the top-level Ant targets working properly. For example,  
>> 'ant javadoc'
>> currently produces compilation errors, probably due to a classpath problem,
>> and 'ant main' produces an mxmlc which doesn't work due to another classpath
>> problem that you noticed.
>> 2. Document the build process, either on wiki pages or in the  
>> README file, so
>> that people understand what environment variables need to be set  
>> and what Ant
>> targets to use.
>> 3. Create JUnit tests in which Falcon builds each of the SDK SWCs.  
>> As part of
>> this I want to change the SDK build scripts so that the <compc> tasks don't
>> have a bunch of configuration but instead simply load a config  
>> file. Then the
>> JUnit test can use the same config file to compile the SWC in a  
>> debuggable way
>> by calling Falcon's COMPC.main() entry point.
>> 4. Update the SDK code to suit Falcon, because it is stricter than the old
>> compiler.
>> 5. Log bugs for any SDK code that Falcon barfs on (either throwing Java
>> exceptions or reporting spurious errors or warnings).
>> 6. Fix those bugs.
>> What you like to take on the conversion of the <compc> tasks to use config
>> files?
>> - Gordon
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