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From "Michael A. Labriola" <>
Subject RE: Cross-compiling Flex to HTML5/Javascript (Was : Update on Falcon donation)
Date Wed, 29 Aug 2012 12:51:04 GMT
>I had in mind writing in a subset of ActionScript that cross-compiles cleanly to JavaScript,
which is basically the idea of FalconJS. But, not having worked on FalconJS, I never understood
what it did with Flash classes like >Sprite that are implemented in native code in the

The way HTML and Flex produce visual content and a component model are different. However,
and I have proven this using other languages which cross-compile, if we can simply get a cross-compiler
that can translate the AS language (ignoring Flash Player classes) into the JS language, there
is an enormous amount we can do. It wouldn't mean magically using Flex in the browser today,
but it would set us up well for building on a next version that respects the differences in
the DOM between the two targets. 

It's not that HTML is less extensible, I used to think that too. It's that HTML enforces a
separation between form and function that we tried to consider with Spark, but didn't make
it far enough. Having solid AS to JS support would make ActionScript a very relevant language
outside of Flash Player.


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