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From Gordon Smith <>
Subject Re: Falcon location
Date Wed, 15 Aug 2012 05:44:41 GMT
A large majority of people replying to this thread favor SDK, Falcon, TLF, BlazeDS, etc. being
quasi-independent sub projects within the overall Flex project, so that's what Carol is planning

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On Aug 14, 2012, at 10:23 PM, "Om" <> wrote:

> On Tue, Aug 14, 2012 at 3:58 PM, Gordon Smith <> wrote:
>>> Falcon is a new version of the Actionscript compiler.
>> Falcon is a reimplementation of mxmlc and compc. The AS support is very
>> good. (It will ship as FB 4.7.) The MXML support is incomplete but Falcon
>> can compile the framework test file Checkinapp.mxml.
>>> Does it support mxml as well?  Or would that be a separate top level
>> project?
>> See above.
>>> What do we call the compiler that is currently inside trunk?
>> I call it "the legacy compiler".
>>> If falcon gets a new top level project, shouldnt the current compiler
>> get its own top level project?
>> I don't have an opinion on that. I hope the old compiler dies as soon as
>> possible.
>>> Does Falcon work with exisiting flex sdk?
>> It 's intended to eventually, but it's not yet ready to compile and run
>> all SDK SWCs and tests yet.
>>> If I create new components inside incubator/flex/SDK/trunk/, should I
>> worry about who Falcon will work with it?  How would I set up my project in
>> that case?
>> Unless you want to contribute to Falcon, you shouldn't worry about it. At
>> some point, if it becomes a suitable replacement for the legacy compiler,
>> we will switch over and everything should just work the same.
>>> Should I have copies of my new components in both
>> incubator/flex/SDK/trunk/ and incubator/flex/Falcon/trunk/ to run both
>> Mustella tests and Falcon's tests?
>> No; incubator/flex/Falcon/trunk will be only for Falcon's Java code. No
>> framework components will live there.
>>> Does Falcon share any code with Falcon JS?
>> Yes, it shares a front end (lexer/parser/symbol table). FalconJS and
>> Falcon have different back ends (code generators). FalconJS is not ready
>> for donation.
>>> If yes, how might we want to change the repo structure if/when FalconJS
>> is contributed to Apache Flex?
>> We can figure that out when FalconJS is ready, but I think making it a
>> sibling of Falcon would be best. It could share Falcon's front end just by
>> putting Falcon's JAR on its classpath.
>> - Gordon
> Thanks Gordon!
> From what I read, it looks like Falcon is a new feature that will be added
> to Apache Flex.   I believe it should be under /flex/trunk/modules/falcon.
> And since it might be highly unstable, we should probably create a 'falcon'
> branch to do this in.  Especially since you want to replace
> /flex/trunk/modules/asc and /flex/trunk/modules/compile with the falcon
> compiler.
> I think this structure follows what we have been discussing in the
> branching strategy threads.
> Elsewhere, you said:
> If Flex has independent subprojects like SDK, Falcon, TLF, etc., how would
>> we tie them all together to do testing? With environment variables that say
>> "use this branch of the SDK, this branch of Falcon, this branch of TLF,
>> etc."?
> Keeping it under /flex/trunk/modules/falcon would solve this problem too,
> right?
> Eventually we should throwaway the /flex/trunk/modules/asc/ (legacy
> compiler) and rename falcon to asc as well.
> As I see it, Falcon is a codename for a new version of the compiler.  We
> are mixing functional names like "asc" and "compiler" with codenames like
> "falcon".  What happens when we want to build a new version of actionscript
> compiler after falcon?  We dont want to have that existing alongside with
> another codename as well.
> Thanks,
> Om

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