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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: What would it take to move to Git?
Date Sat, 11 Aug 2012 04:10:34 GMT

I've used many VCS system over the years, RCS, PVCS, CVS, SNV, Clearcase, Visual source safe
and more recently Git and Mercurial.

Moving from Git from SVN is fairly easy but there's a few conceptual things that are very
different. I'd say it's the equivalent from going from a file locking VCS to concurrent one.
It's a bit scary at first but you get use to it and it works very well. But it did take a
little while to me to get use to it and every now and then I still try to use it like SVN.
- Commits are done locally. Means it's very fast and you can make lots of small changes and
document them well.
- Branches are more like tags. Branching is cheap and fast.  Switching between branches is
fast. You use branches a lot but generally (in my experience) these are local and not always
- Merging is far less painful than SVN.

Tool support is generally good and on par with SVN but you do need to use the command line
form time to time. Syncing branches can be a little tricky at first depending on how you are
using it but that's no different to SVN. Git commands can be a bit more cryptic than SVN but
perhaps that just because I've not used it as long.

I really like that commits are done locally ie you don't need internet access when working
on the code and than it's easy to share work in progress with other developers without checking
back into the main repository.

As it gives you more freedom than SVN getting the processes right may be more effort and I'm
guessing different people use it in different ways more so than SVN.

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