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From Peter Ent <>
Subject Re: [jira] [Commented] (FLEX-33177) Getting Mustella mx folder to Work
Date Wed, 29 Aug 2012 19:26:13 GMT
I have not applied Jose's patches. I did find the warnings in the log
files, though. I have just modified the code and I want to see what

On 8/29/12 3:23 PM, "Alex Harui" <> wrote:

>On 8/29/12 12:03 PM, "Peter Ent" <> wrote:
>> I got no warnings in the output, just bitmap compare failures. I'm going
>> to run it again to be certain, though.
>I don't see the EmbeddedFontRegistry warnings in the output of the test
>engine.  It might be in the log file.  But I definitely see it in the
>debugger when debugging and it definitely made a difference in one folder.
>BTW, did you apply Jose's patches? (8, 9, 17).  I'm going to put down what
>I'm doing and run the mx folder again.
>Save your list of tests passed and failed and email it or post it.  I'll
>compare when the run finishes.
>Alex Harui
>Flex SDK Team
>Adobe Systems, Inc.

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