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From Carol Frampton <>
Subject Re: InstallApacheFlex - Where to host it?
Date Wed, 15 Aug 2012 21:29:31 GMT

On 8/15/12 3 :20PM, "Carol Frampton" <> wrote:

>On 8/15/12 2 :42PM, "Carol Frampton" <> wrote:
>>That looks nice to me with one modification suggestion earlier in another
>>thread.  Bertrand and others suggested whiteboard live under flex rather
>>than under every sub-project.
>>After I checked in the package stuff I realized I forgot to add the rat
>>check so I'm doing that now.  I found a few problematic files which I
>>report back with shortly.
>I fixed all the issues identified by the RAT check except certificate.p12.
> That's a binary file and I don't think it can go in the source

Actually I fixed all the license issues but I just noticed there is still
a non-asset binary in there.  as3commons-zip-1.0.0-alpha.1.swc has to go.
I can look at that if someone else doesn't get to it first.

I attempted to fix up the FB projects but someone's paths on their disk
are in there so I couldn't test them.  At some point these should be made
generic.  The source path to the styles file in common is currently


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