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From Carol Frampton <>
Subject Re: Getting Mustella to work.
Date Wed, 15 Aug 2012 16:22:37 GMT

On 8/15/12 12 :02PM, "Omar Gonzalez" <> wrote:

>On Wednesday, August 15, 2012, Carol Frampton wrote:
>> I would like to reiterate what Alex is saying.  All the mustella code
>> been donated.  Yes there are many failing tests.
>> I read several emails this morning about the level of commit activity
>> being higher because we're waiting for mustella.  Well mustella is here.
>> It is time for the community to help out and get all the tests up and
>> running.  Or contribute an entirely different test system if you'd
>> Carol
> Like I've said before, a lot of us were waiting on this. This doesn't
>that we are now able to drop everything and dedicate as much time as
>yourself or Alex. I don't get paid to help Apache Flex, so I have to find
>the time where I can, and now that the tests are up I'll be helping Peter
>test his work whenever I am able to find time when I'm not at work. The
>you point it out comes off a little condescending, for lack of a better
>word. We're all aware of how much effort you've put in, Carol, and we all
>truly appreciate it. We're just not all in the same boat as you being able
>to contribute during our work days.
>Just my thoughts, they'll probably fall on deaf ears.

I hear you and I totally understand that most people can only contribute
here and there when they have a few spare cycles.
I will try to chose my words more carefully next time.


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