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From Alex Harui <>
Subject Re: What would it take to move to Git?
Date Fri, 10 Aug 2012 19:31:52 GMT

On 8/10/12 12:22 PM, ""
<> wrote:

>> I am greatly concerned about disk space utilization if you have a snapshot of
>> everything including changes.  Has anyone synced up with Apache Flex Git
>> since we stuffed it with Mustella tests?  Will each >branch/fork/clone we
>> make actually replicate all of that data?
> Alex,
> Due to the way git stores files it is actually infinitely smaller than SVN
> storage over the long term, especially when one considers branches. If two
> files are the same, regardless if there are 7000 branches, there is only a
> single copy of the file.
> If you are interested, here is some info on the overhead of git as perceived
> from the linux kernel project:
> Mike
OK, but the first clone will be huge?  I think our import file was in the
10's of GBs.  I'm afraid to try to clone the flex project over my home
network.  I am testing by cloning the flex-site which worked from github.

Alex Harui
Flex SDK Team
Adobe Systems, Inc.

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