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From Carol Frampton <>
Subject Re: [ROADMAP] Apache Flex Steering Survey - Revised component status
Date Fri, 03 Aug 2012 16:04:48 GMT

On 8/3/12 11 :51AM, "Keith Sutton" <> wrote:

>Based on Alex's email this is a revise component list to go into survey
>(PLEASE identify anything missing or in wrong place):
>Available in 4.8
>    4.6 automation libraries
>    4.6 fabridge
>    4.6 flash-integration
>    4.6 samples
>    Flex MXML compiler source code
>Yet to be donated
>    ? 4.6 missing embedded font support
		4.8.0 has embedded font support if you're willing to use the Adobe jars
with the Adobe license which isn't compatible with the Apache license
		source won't be donated - it is Adobe proprietary
		Apache Flex would have to implement the support

    4.6 DateField (listed in Flex White Paper - protoype)
		nothing to donate - work wasn't started

>    4.6 ViewStack (listed in Flex White Paper - protoype)
>    4.6 Accordion (listed in Flex White Paper but does not exist)
>    4.6 DataChooser (listed in Flex White Paper - protoype		
>    4.6 Enhanced DataGrid (listed in Flex White Paper - protoype)

		both ViewStack and Accordion are just about done and some testing has
been done
  		several DG features were completed and tested inc locked rows and
		DataChooser is more than prototype but has a fair amount of remaining

		I'll check it all into whiteboard/cframpton/ as soon as we get
the VP signature - paperwork on his desk

>    BlazeDS/BlazeDS.NET
>    3.x Flex SDK
		Peter will start this process as soon as mustella gets in - will have to
spend a fair amount of time cleaning before donation as we did for 4.6

>    TLF
		donation in the works - already thru Adobe legal and some signatures
have already been gotten

    Falcon (2012 Q4)

		Alex and Gordon working on this now

>    Gravity
>    FXG - will this continue to be supported beyond CS6?
>    Squiggly
>    OSMF
		don't know but never heard of Gravity or Squiggly before this list

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