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From Jeff Conrad <>
Subject Re: Switching to Git - immediate repercussions
Date Mon, 20 Aug 2012 18:13:54 GMT
> 1.  What happens to the automated builds when we do the switch?  I think we
> are using an svn connector in Jenkins right now.  We need to switch to the
> git plugin for the switch.

That part is simple.  The Git plugin is already installed in Jenkins.
Here's a build using Git that happened 50 minutes ago:

> 2.  The Jenkins automated build is broken right now because of the repo
> structure change.  I believe we would want to fix that before we make the
> move.

The Git mirror also got affected when the restructuring happened.
I'll be more than happy to help that happen after the move--via a pull
request no less :).  If someone wants to volunteer before the move,
that's awesome too.  It should just be a matter of tweaking the
environment variables to point to a new directory or checking out from

> 2.  How are commit/push notifications affected?  Right now emails come to
> flex-commits@i.a.o.  Will this be affected?

I think we can still have them show up at flex-commits.

> 3.  How long would the switch take?  Do we need to freeze checkins in the
> meantime?

That is a good question that I think we should ask infra.  I would
think at the very worst, they'd need a window when actually performing
the switch to freeze checkins.  As to how long I'm not sure.

> 4. Who has/should have write access to the git repo?   I guess all the
> committers should.  Not sure if we should give infra a list.

Good question about whether Infra needs a list or not.  I'm guessing
they can pull the records from SVN as to who's allowed to commit.
> Anything else we should be worried about?
> Thanks,
> Om
> On Mon, Aug 20, 2012 at 10:47 AM, Jeff Conrad <> wrote:
>> > Thanks Jeff for doing all the legwork.  I think it would be better if
>> > members create the Infra request.
>> Can a PPMC member make that ticket today and then post in this thread
>> what the ticket number is I can follow it?  I did a quick search of
>> all the Infra tickets and I didn't see one about switching Flex over
>> to Git.
>> Jeff

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