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From Carlos Rovira <>
Subject Re: Cross-compiling Flex to HTML5/Javascript (Was : Update on Falcon donation)
Date Wed, 29 Aug 2012 09:46:58 GMT
Hi Michael,

you probably are right and we should continue to evolve Flex to
continue going ahead of other technologies like HTML. Maybe FalconJS
could have sense as a new project to develop in OOP and output HTML5
based apps...something that HTML5 needs urgently since is its main
problem IMHO. But this would need new people and focus on that target.

Regarding Flex, our problem is basicaly unability to target mobile
browsers. Something that could be overcome using AIR and deploying as
a Native app...for some people a change of mind, but the same
agressive that a change of technology (like going HTML5).

So I think the future of Flex can be brighter than many people want us
to think...

2012/8/29 Michael Schmalle <>:
> This is pretty much my opinion as well and I should have just said it. :)
> After seeing the last year or so and HTML5, I probably wouldn't spend an
> ounce of time developing something like this(FalconJS). I really have to
> agree with this post, well written.
> I'm looking at a use case of Apache Flex on mobile devices (AIR), FalconJS
> isn't even on the same planet. Success comes from doing something and doing
> it good (cliche).
> Mike
> Quoting Jonathan Hart <>:
>> Hi all, this is my first post here..
>> I would recommend (if you have some time to kill) watching this deep
>> dive on the Flash player rendering engine:
>> After seeing what goes into rendering in the flash player, it would
>> become quite obvious how FalconJS would prove to be challenging to
>> provide something on par. To get complete coverage of the drawing API
>> would be pretty much impossible.
>> This is my own opinion, but the cliche Maslow's Law of the Hammer
>> seems to ring true here. There are a lot of very optimistic and
>> enthusiastic people who are convinced HTML5/JS is the hammer and
>> everything that you can poke on a screen is a nail. This is a false
>> hope, as the technology has fallen far short in (somebody's) promise
>> of good performance, cross-browser consistency, etc. The list goes on.
>> I'm not saying FalconJS doesn't have a place somewhere, to someone,
>> but considering Adobe has stated that its primary focus for AS
>> scripted content will be focused on games and mobile, FalconJS will
>> not see much adoption in those industries because of its
>> inappropriateness for game development and its poor performance on
>> mobile (I refer to Facebook's recent ditching of its HTML5 iOS app in
>> favor of a natively written one as an example of people abandoning
>> HTML5/JS).
>> Jonathan
>> --
> Michael Schmalle - Teoti Graphix, LLC

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