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From Omar Gonzalez <>
Subject Re: Recruiting more help for the project
Date Wed, 15 Aug 2012 23:44:51 GMT
On Wed, Aug 15, 2012 at 4:29 PM, Guthmann, Scott <
> wrote:

> > The change is more about the idea that *anything* that gives us a better
> chance of more people contributing in any way right now is good for us and
> I believe git will. My original (and somewhat ongoing) concern is that I
> don't want to take another
> > detour. However, with several people volunteering to work on this, I
> think it can go forward while work continues... So, I will hope someone
> else votes.
> 1) Is there a way to tell how many people are on the Flex-Dev mailing list
> today? Please tell me what the number is.

Bertrand has the link, its in the archive somewhere but I can't search for
that right now, just pointing out its somewhere.

> 2) Is there an easy way to determine how many people are participating as
> commenters? & also participating & contributing code / fixing bugs /
> providing technical contributions? I hope there is an easier way than me
> just counting.....

Bertrand also recently posted a link with SVN stats.

> 3) How many resources do we need that we do not have today?

Impossible to say. This is a volunteer based project, and its a development
project... you can't just throw more bodies at dev problems and expect to
have a certain result. I don't believe anyone can come up with an answer to
this question, or I think any answer to this question would be nothing
other than conjecture/guessing.

> 4) If you had more technical volunteers what would you advise them do to
> provide the highest benefit to the project?

I wouldn't advise them to do anything in particular. I would advise them to
contribute to a part of the project that they feel most passionate about so
that they 1.) have a good time volunteering and 2.) progress a part of the
SDK that they really care about.

> Thru our social networks, the Spoon Project ML & Flex User group managers
> list my marketing colleagues and I were able to get 496 Flex developers to
> take a survey about Apache Flex 7-26-12 thru today. 238 of those developers
> said they plan to do more in various ways. The table is provided below. I
> believe that many of the responses are from those who are not on this list.
> Which of the following development priorities for versions of Apache Flex
> beyond 4.8.0-incubating do you plan to contribute to (contribute code,
> review code, author wiki, author training, lead webinars, author code
> examples, testing code, spreading the word) during the next 6-12 months?
> Choose all that apply:
> Answer Options          Response Count
> 4.6 ViewStack                   86
> 4.6 Accordion                   50
> 4.6 DateField                   78
> 4.6 DataChooser         58
> 4.6 Enhanced DataGrid           91
> 4.6 missing automation libraries29
> 4.6 missing fabridge            18
> 4.6 missing flash-integration   33
> 4.6 missing samples             53
> 4.6 missing embedded font support       39
> 3.x Flex SDK                    39
> Flex compiler source code       37
> BlazeDS/BlazeDS.NET             76
> TLF                             50
> Gravity                         20
> FXG                             59
> Squiggles                       15
> OSMF                            42
> Other (please specify)          26
> answered question               238
> skipped question                258
I'm not really sure what the point of this survey is. When I volunteer my
time to this project I spend my time on things that I feel passionate
about, things that I want fixed or added. Nobody in the project determines
what should be actually worked on next, people just start adding. For
example Justin just started adding validators, Tink has added other
components, etc. I, personally, wouldn't look at this much. I would,
however, be more involved with devs that mailed the mailing list and said
"I am working on X and I need an opinion or help on Y".


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