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From Om <>
Subject Re: How to Merge Unstable Branch (was: [POLL] Use Unstable Branch)
Date Thu, 09 Aug 2012 02:20:39 GMT
On Wed, Aug 8, 2012 at 6:40 PM, Justin Mclean <>wrote:

> Hi,
> > I would use the name "alt-trunk" instead of "unstable" for the other
> > branch.  Every rule that applies to trunk would apply to the alt-trunk
> > branch.
> The issue I see is having one single branch not the name. You would be
> fine with the multi step step check in process (with unresolved issues) as
> describe below every time you wanted to make a change?
If we cannot guarantee that the branch is stable everytime anyone wants to
make a change, how can we do it in trunk?  What special properties that
trunk have that makes it easier there?

If I check in something that breaks the build or causes numerous issues
into alt-trunk, I will have to either pull it out or fix it in alt-trunk
itself.  Trunk does not even come into picture here.

Only when we are closer to a release, we will merge alt-trunk into trunk.
It would be a much smoother process then because we would have brought
alt-trunk to stability before we attempt the merge into trunk.

>  > Remember that if we do all the development in trunk, we would have
> > to do the same thing except that it would be a much bigger problem
> because
> > we dont have any place to go when we screw things up.
> How about svn revert?

That is the command we would use, yes.  But what if we dont find out the
issues in time?  What if we find out multiple huge issues when it is time
to cut a release.  The complexity that would ensue is something we are not
set up for now.
Maybe after a couple of releases, yes.

> When are happy with alt-trunk's state, we merge alt-trunk into trunk and
> cut a release off of trunk.

> So we would have to have a code freeze while we sort out merge issues and
> the like?


> How would you not include the changes you did not want to go into trunk?
> How would we do it if everyone checks into trunk directly?

> Just want to make it clear what people are agreeing to.
Let's use alt-trunk as a training ground.  Lets get it right there and we
can move to working directly off of trunk.


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