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From Roland Zwaga <>
Subject Re: InstallApacheFlex - Where to host it?
Date Thu, 16 Aug 2012 08:53:58 GMT
>> > I'm sorry, my daily dose of caffeine clearly hasn't kicked in yet. How
>> > would this work? If the swc is not part of the Flash builder project,
>> > how would we be able to use it? How is this better than including the
>> > actual source files, like we do for the crypto components?
>> Maybe I misunderstood Bertrand's message wrong. If it is allowed to
>> directly check out the code and make a build from that, then by all means,
>> go for that ;)
>> Roland
> Now I am confused.  To be clear, we would have to copy the code from
> as3commons and put it in the flex svn repo.  And we release the as3commons
> source as part of the installapacheflex source release (of course with all
> the attributions)

Hey Om,

from what I understood the prcoess would be that the build script
would just check out
the as3commons source, and use that source, together with the Flex
source to create a binary.
But, like you mention, I also think that just downloading the binary
dependencies would
probably be easier.


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