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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: Getting To Git (was Re: [MENTORS] Current Branching Strategy Vote Results)
Date Thu, 16 Aug 2012 08:54:27 GMT

> It is going to be a bit before we can answer all these questions.  From the
> git branching model, we need master (trunk) and the develop branch right
> away.
So any changes I wanted to commit I'll need to commit to develop branch once it exists? How
exactly is it decided that the branch should then be merged with trunk? How do we keep the
develop branch in a state in which that is easy to do. Do we need to create other branches
for things that might need some more testing/may not be 100%?

For example let say I want to work on something like getting Mustella working with filenames
with spaces. I check out the develop branch, then I get to a point were I almost have it working
but not quite so I can't check it back into develop as it's not 100%. How do I then share
that with other people can work on it/help me out? (With SVN not Git.) Do I need to create
another SVN branch, merge my changes in develop with that and check that new branch back in
as a feature branch or do something else? Or do we just do this on a case by case bases so
it's not really the gitflow model but more like the 3 Tier SVN model?

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