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From "" <>
Subject AW: [OT] Current status on Flexunit4?
Date Sun, 26 Aug 2012 17:23:12 GMT
Hi Carlos,

well I think that after Flex becoming an ASF project it sounds sensible to think about moving
a maven plugin for building flex there too. Currently I think it wouldn't be the best option
to simply move Flexmojos under the hood of the ASF. And after all Velo would have to give
his Ok for that.

Flexmojos in its current state supports building Flex projects starting with Flex
and hereby is full of code handling all this downgrading. 

Second thing is that Flexmojos includes a lot of other stuff that is also not under the hood
of the ASF. 

Third and in my opinion the thing that sometimes disturbs me most, is that flexmojos is far
from the simple "compile this stuff into an swf for me please" tool. During time it has grown
to support more and more stuff. This makes it difficult for tool providers to validate all
the configuration options. For example IntelliJ complains about me not setting a storepass
config option, which is actually only needed when packaging Air applications. So splitting
this up into a simple flex-compiler and air-packaging plugin would allow configuration support
to be a lot cleaner.  

The solution I would opt on would be do two steps:
- Start publishing official Mavenized Flex SDKs.
- Create a new set of lightweight maven plugins each with its individual purpose.

For the first step I could provide you with my Generator, that I am currently working on (Almost
finished). You could evaluate the resulting FDKs and fine-tune them, if you think they need
optimizing. These FDKs should then be officially hosted on the ASF Maven servers. After this
is done these FDKs would then be the base for building a set of lightweight maven plugins.
Each one dealing with its individual part of a flex projects build lifecycle:
- Compiling AS and MXML files to SWFs and SWCs (maven-flex-compiler-plugin)
- Code Generation (maven-flex-code-generator-plugin)
- UnitTesting (maven-flex-unittest-plugin)
- Air Packaging (maven-air-packaging-plugin)
- Optimizing the SWFs and SWCs (maven-flex-optimizer-plugin)
- Deploying all needed Flex artifacts in a WAR project (maven-flex-war-deployment-plugin)
- ...
The good thing about this would be that they could be developed, maintained, versioned and
released independently.

I would be more than glad to help working on this and even already have a bunch of improvements
I would like to introduce while doing so. Most of these would make it necessary for me to
re-implement quite some portions of Flexmojos anyway. 	


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Von: [] Im Auftrag von Carlos Rovira
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Betreff: Re: [OT] Current status on Flexunit4?

Hi Chris,

could flexmojos be as well in ASF? (only a thought ;))



2012/8/26 Omar Gonzalez <>:
> On Sunday, August 26, 2012, wrote:
>> Hi,
>> This topic might be a liitle off-topic, but as I have read quite a 
>> few statements on Adobe and Flexunit here, I thougt it would be the 
>> best place to ask. As it seems that the mailinglist 
>> isn't really active anymore.
>> I just finished some work on Flexmojos unittesting support, 
>> especially supporting parametrized tests in conjunction with 
>> Flexunit4. Currently I don't want to push my changes back to FMs 
>> trunk, because I am not quite sure what the current status on Flexunit is.
>> Currently Flexmojos supports two flex unit testing frameworks called 
>> "flexunit"
>> - com.adobe.flexunit:flexunit:0.85:swc  (called flexunit in FM)
>> - com.adobe.flexunit:flexunit: 4.0-beta-2:swc (called flexunit4 in 
>> FM) I am quite unsure about the later one of them. On the Project 
>> page I can see no reference to adobe at all. 
>> Even the package structure is different and all refer to 
>> "org.flexunit". So I'm guessing this is a second project unluckily 
>> also called "Flexunit". Am I correct about this? In this case the 
>> current groupId used in FM shouldn't be "com.apache.flexunit" but 
>> something different . but what should it be instead?
>> My second area of uncertainty regarding flexunit (from 
>> is what the latest version is. The Blog on the page claims to be 4.1 
>> RC2, but the download page states 4.1 ("stable" without the RC2).
>> Assuming the project is different from adobes project 
>> and that RC2 has become the final release I was thinking about using 
>> org.flexunit:flexunit:4.1.0:swc as version and would like to have 
>> this published in a public repo.
>> It would be great if you could help me sort this out.
>> Chris
>> [ C h r i s t o f e r  D u t z ]
>> C-Ware IT-Service
>> Inhaber
>> Dipl. Inf. Christofer Dutz
>> Karlstraße. 104, 64285 Darmstadt
>> fon:  0 61 51 / 27315 - 61
>> fax:  0 61 51 / 27315 - 64
>> mobil:  0171 / 7 444 2 33
>> email: <javascript:;>
>> UStId-Nr. DE195700962
> Michael Labriola and Digital Primates are currently in the process of 
> making the software grant to the ASF and FlexUnit will soon be in 
> Apache repositories. I would sit tight. ;)
> -omar

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