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From Jeffry Houser <>
Subject Re: Should .project, .flexLibProperties, and .actionScriptProperties be checked in to source control? (Was: svn commit: r1375263 [1/2] - in /incubator/flex/sdk/branches/develop/frameworks/projects)
Date Tue, 21 Aug 2012 18:28:26 GMT

  Last time this came up; the decision leaned towards:

"You can do what you want in your whiteboard; but don't commit project 
files anywhere else."

  Sometimes it just makes things harder; and projects are not always 
easily transferable between machines.

On 8/21/2012 11:14 AM, Jeff Conrad wrote:
> Hi Carol,
> I think Justin's question was more oriented around what's the best
> practice for checking in .project, .flexLibProperties, and
> .actionScriptProperties files?  Should they be included in source
> control or ignored?
> I took a peek at some of the files included and they contain some
> important information that would make any potential contributor's job
> easy.  For instance, in projects/framework/.actionScriptProperties,
> there are a ton of additional compiler arguments that if I had to put
> into every project like that, I'd go crazy:
>   additionalCompilerArguments="-keep-as3-metadata=Bindable,Managed,ChangeEvent,NonCommittingChangeEvent,Transient
> -load-config+=framework-config.xml
> --include-file=defaults.css,../defaults.css
> -include-file=defaults-3.0.0.css,../defaults-3.0.0.css
> -include-file=Assets.swf,../assets/Assets.swf
> -include-file=assets/CalendarIcon.png,../assets/CalendarIcon.png
> -namespace=library://,../manifest.xml
> -namespace+=,../manifest.xml
> -library-path= -locale="
> I'm in favor of either keeping this information in source control.  I
> don't want to have to remember all of that to make sure I'm building
> the SDK correctly.
> I suppose the other question that has to be asked, though, is whether
> or not Flash Builder would be making different SWCs than the ant
> scripts or where all of that information is included.  It looks like
> the ant scripts set the same arguments directly in the build.xml file.
> When someone gets time, maybe we can move all those arguments to
> framework-config.xml file and have both the .actionScriptProperties
> and build.xml file reference those so it's more DRY?  I'll do it
> sometime this week, but someone is more than welcome to beat me to it.
> Does anyone know if there's a quirk in the compiler that causes
> information set in a flex-config.xml file to be ignored by either the
> Ant or Flash Builder?  If it's a bug in the compiler, I'll just leave
> well enough alone until after Falcon.
> Jeff
> On Tue, Aug 21, 2012 at 9:57 AM, Carol Frampton <> wrote:
>> It loos like lots of newlines got introduced but no code changes other
>> than the headers.  I hink I'll rollback the commit and do it again.
>> Thanks for pointing that out.  I usually diff my changes before committing
>> them but I obviously didn't this time.
>> Carol
>> On 8/20/12 6 :12PM, "Justin Mclean" <> wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> Noticed the ".project", ".actionScriptProperties" and
>>> ".flexLibProperties" mark marked as modified. Are they spposed to be
>>> checked in?
>>> Thanks,
>>> Justin

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