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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: Apache Flex in Github
Date Fri, 17 Aug 2012 12:29:39 GMT

> since I made a pull request from github I thought attach a patch was not needed.
Yes you made a pull request but you need to at least refer to that in the JIRA ticket.

Committers for the most part (like you I assume) do this in their own free time so you want
to make it easy for them, providing a patch to apply in SVN is the simplest way to apply changes.
The more work involved in applying a change means the less likely it will happen. Yes I could
look up your github username, see that your've made a pull request, generate the patch myself
and then apply to SVN but that's a fair of work and more importantly other people don't get
to see and review the patch in JIRA.

Don't get me wrong I like git but for now we have to deal with SVN so please try and make
it easy for people to commit your changes - IMO providing a patch file does that.

> This will be need always with new model? these seems totaly unnecesary with
> the mechanishm of pull request...
Until we move to 100% to GIt I think this is be the way we need to work. Feel free to try
and convince me otherwise.

> you have all the tools to evaluate, isn't it?
Yes but IMO a patch is easier to apply and more visible in JIRA.

> I think the main point here is see the most efficient way to get
> contributions
We may get more contributes via pull requests but less of them applied is the way I see it.

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