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Subject RE: Cross-compiling Flex to HTML5/Javascript (Was : Update on Falcon donation)
Date Thu, 30 Aug 2012 10:06:47 GMT
This is definitely how something would start, you would in essence  
create a "player" where you could eliminate as many variables as  
possible from the HTML/browser world.

Like I said, using ActionScript/Flex interface to output sometype of  
native is what I'm really interested.

Just thinking but really cross compiling done well is just templating  
on a high level. I have written my share of these and actually wrote  
an asdoc clone in java using the jasblocks parser/dom.

I'll tell you one thing, once you lay down the initial base, start  
creating your templates, in this case AST -> HTMLBuilder class that  
then owns a template file, interesting ideas popup and new ways of  
seeing the transformations happen.


Quoting "" <>:

> My perhaps naive vision of what FalconJS would do (at least in the first
> version), was that it would grab some kind of HTML5 canvas element; and do
> everything in that rectangle: all drawing and event handling would occur in
> that element. It's a 'simple' way to put a foot in the door of the HTML5
> world. Well, I know that almost nothing is really simple. But it may be the
> simplest way. Sorry if you guys had all that figured out already, I'm a
> newbie here. ;o)
> Anyway, I wonder how realistic this approach is.
> Yvon Sauvageau

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