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From Michael Schmalle <>
Subject Multi-touch mobile component framework
Date Wed, 29 Aug 2012 09:40:26 GMT

Sorry if this has been asked, I have been absent awhile.

Is there anybody working on this? I am creating an  
audio/synth/sequencer framework for use with Android/Java and  
Android/AIR and I have built a number of lightweight multi-touch  
buttons, dials, sliders etc using some of the spark base classes API.

I would like to know if there is anybody interested in making this  
some type of formal "framework" so we can stop duplicating code. I  
know other have had to hack together some classes for this use  

Was this something that might have been thought about in version 5 of the sdk?

If there is something already existing, point me to it. :)

Michael Schmalle - Teoti Graphix, LLC

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