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From Carol Frampton <>
Subject Re: Where to place new apache flex components
Date Mon, 30 Jul 2012 13:59:32 GMT

On 7/27/12 10 :47PM, "Jeffry Houser" <> wrote:

>  I don't think there has been any consensus.  I don't even remember any

I don't think there has been consensus either other than we don't like the
odd/even numbering scheme to represent stable and unstable.

Alex and I have been talking about it.

I looked at patches but I don't think that is the right place for two
reasons - it isn't a complete branch and it needs a better name.  I think
we want a branch from trunk which is the entire trunk so it is easier to
merge changes back to trunk.

When we talked on Thursday Alex and I decided that we would recommend a
new branch called unstable which is a complete copy of trunk.  New work
which is more disruptive should go somewhere in the whiteboard area.  I am
going to peruse some of the other projects first to see if I see something
I think might be better.

I'm willing to create the branch when we decide what we want.


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