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From Peter Ent <>
Subject Re: Build instruction for Apache Flex
Date Mon, 30 Jul 2012 13:18:12 GMT
At the moment it is more word-of-mouth. The README in the SDK is more
about command-line compilation rather than integration with any IDE. Flash
Builder is an Adobe product vs. Apache Flex. We're still in the throes of
getting the project into the public domain and squaring away the issues.

One of the benefits of being in Apache is that anyone can write up the
instructions and I'm sure we'll see several different versions. I, for
example, published to this email thread just late last week a set of
instructions which I based on someone else's work
-builder/). I don't know if it is proper or not to put onto the Apache
Flex wiki instructions for Flash Builder or any other commercially
available 3rd party product (I'm still too new with Apache, I'm afraid).

However, I will look at all of the instructions I can find and try to make
something comprehensive; not sure where it will got posted yet.

Peter Ent
Flex SDK Team
Adobe Systems

On 7/30/12 8:19 AM, "Jeffry Houser" <> wrote:

>On 7/30/2012 5:37 AM, Justin Mclean wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Seems people aren't reading the readme and/or having issues installing
>>the SDK in Flash Builder.
>  Is it me or are there no instructions on how to use the SDK for Flash
>Builder?  Not in the read me; not anywhere else.
>  I did get it working [as far as I know]; but it was painful.  and I'm
>working on my own list of instructions; which perhaps we can use to
>augment the readme or post as a tutorial or some other way.
>  In terms of OMs installer that someone else mentioned; is it
>publicized anywhere beyond word of mouth?  I did not see it mentioned in
>the read me [unless that has changed] and I did not see it mentioned on
>the Apache Flex download page.  Personally, I decided not to use it
>because I wanted to better understand what was needed.  I assumed
>setting up the SDK manually would make me better prepared than using a
>Jeffry Houser
>Technical Entrepreneur
>UI Flex Components: Tested! Supported! Ready!
>Part of the DotComIt Brain Trust

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