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From Carol Frampton <>
Subject Re: updating ApacheFlexSDK URL in Om's installer
Date Thu, 26 Jul 2012 16:09:08 GMT

On 7/26/12 12 :04PM, "Daniel Shahaf" <> wrote:

>Try this link:
>I'm pretty sure there is a query string parameter you can add to make it
>do a redirect, too, rather than just tell you what the preferred mirror
>Thanks for asking,
>Carol Frampton wrote on Thu, Jul 26, 2012 at 08:56:37 -0700:
>> {sent on behalf of Erik de Bruin <> who is a member
>>of flex-dev}
>> Hi all,
>> I'm writing on behalf of the Apache Flex (incubating) community. We're
>> working on a tool that helps an end-user to download and install our
>> binaries to the correct location on their system for use in an IDE.
>> We would like to do this the proper way, which in our understanding is
>> by using a dynamically assigned download mirror instead of a
>> hard-coded link. I've read all of the documentation I could find and
>> I've come up with the following solution:
>> 1. create a wrapper around the generic 'mirrors.cgi', as described in
>> 2. create a HTML file containing only the tag: [preferred]. We need
>> only one mirror URL as this is an automated download process;
>> 3. place these two in the root of our project site;
>> 4. call the wrapper CGI as a web service from our application, and use
>> the result for the domain section of the URL.
>> My questions:
>> - is this a valid solution?
>> - is there an 'easier' way to get a single dynamic mirror URL?
>> - what did I miss, what did I forget to ask?
>> Thank you very much for your assistance and patience,
>> EdB
>> [1]
>> </message>
>> EdB

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