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From John Fletcher <>
Subject Re: Suggestion : Adopt a package manager like Ruby Gems for Flex as a first class citizen of the SDK
Date Fri, 13 Jul 2012 08:46:23 GMT
2012/7/12 Jeffry Houser <>:
>  It does not affect my point.  But, as I understood it; most people use Ruby
> today for the server-side of a web site (or other application).

Probably true. It's most commonly used with Rails, which is a
server-side framework built on top of Ruby.

> I can
> install any given application server on my local machine, that doesn't make
> it less of a server..

True. But in this case we're only talking about the part that really
isn't a server. It's like depending on Java, as opposed to depending
on Tomcat (a server technology built with Java).

But this is all academic. I think most agree with you that we don't
want to introduce other dependencies. But if someone could write this
tool in ActionScript (not sure if that's feasible) then you would
probably have a lot of support on your hands.


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