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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject What namespace should new components go in?
Date Tue, 31 Jul 2012 02:06:39 GMT

Reposting (and expanding) as suggested under a new topic to make it clear this discussion
is about namespaces. This has been discussed on the list before but no clear consensus was

In the patches branch I've created a new apache target in the build script to compile an an
apache.swc to place new components in. It uses a new namespace -
This has been in the patches branch for several months. The PostCode validator and format
classes currently use this namespace and I would like to move them into trunk, followed closely
by Mike's collection classes.

What are people preferred option with new components and namespaces?

1. Use existing mx and spark namespaces
Advantages: No new namespaces required.
Disadvantages: New components mixed in with old and compiled into existing swcs making them
larger etc, hard know what's new over 4.6 SDK. Not always obvious which namespace mx or spark
a new component should go into.

2. Place components under a single new namespace called
Advantages: All new components have a new ant target, new swc and namespace so easy to see
what is new in the SDK and if a project is using Apache Flex. Work already done in patches
branch. Namespace is valid URL and was suggested by a mentor.
Disadvantages: It's a new namespace.

Example of how a user of the SDK would see it/use it:

(also see patches branch)

3. Place components under a single new namespace other than one suggested in 2.
See 3 for advantages and disadvantages.

4. Place components under multiple new namespaces
Advantage: No need to decide if it's a mx or spark component.
Disadvantages: Lots of new namespaces. More work on build scripts.

5. Don't care.
In which case I'll just check in what I've done in the patches branch.

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